Want to PLay Wordle? Try These Similar Wordle Games

Right now, Wordle is a popular game. Wordle was recently acquired by The New York Times. This game will eventually be integrated with the word game The New York Times Games.

Many netizens post the results of their Wordle games on social media. Because of the popularity of this word-guessing game, many clones have appeared. There are now numerous games that are similar to Wordle.

These games are unique, which adds to the excitement of playing charades. Wordle BTS is a game in which you must guess words related to the South Korean boy band BTS.

What are some Wordle-like word guessing games? We compiled ten Wordle-like games from various sources on Friday (4/2/2022).

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is an online word-guessing game that can be found at powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle. The pattern is six rows by five squares. The Wordle box will display three colors: green for letters in the correct position, yellow for notes in the word that must be guessed, and gray for letters that are not in the assertion that must be imagined.

You must guess a random word in the first line. There were no instructions given. Enter the word with the first five letters that come to mind. After you write the color, the game will display it.

If your guess is correct and the letters are in the right place, they will turn green. The letters will turn yellow, indicating that the word you typed is correct but in the incorrect line. Meanwhile, gray is the wrong word for the wrong place.

Want to PLay Wordle? Try These Similar Wordle Games

Each player has only six chances to guess the word and position correctly. You must guess the correct word to avoid losing that day and can only try the next day again.

Guessing words from Wordle is entertaining and makes you want to play more. Unfortunately, Wordle only allows you to think one word at a time. You may wait until the next time to play Wordle.

You can pass the time by playing other games similar to Wordle. These games are identical to Wordle in terms of gameplay. The difference is that they each have their distinct theme. Here’s a Wordle-like game.

Similar Wordle Games You Should Know


Dordle is comparable to Wordle. The difference is that you must guess two words simultaneously in one game. Each puzzle has a unique solution. This game can provide double the enjoyment when solving daily puzzles. Dordle is available at zaratustra.itch.io/dordle.

Unlimited Wordle

Unlimited Wordle is a Wordle game that you can play without restriction. This Wordle lets you play as many games as you want for as long. Wordle Unlimited can be found at wordleunlimited.com.


Primel is a Wordle-style game for those of you who enjoy math. In Primel, you must guess a five-digit prime number instead of guessing words. Primel is available at converged.yt/primel.

Wordle Star Wars

In addition to words and numbers, Wordle’s charades come in various themes, one of which is Star Wars. Swordle is the name of this game. This game, available at Wordle.starwars.guide, is ideal for Star Wars fans. You have to guess the Star Wars-related word here.

Wizarding Wordle

Wordle also comes in a wizarding world version. Wizarding Wordle is a must-try for all Potterheads. You can play this game at mugglenet.com/fans-fun/trivia-challenges/wizarding-wordle/. You have to guess words or names related to Harry Potter’s wizarding world.

Lordle of The Rings

In addition to Star Wars and Harry Potter, there is a Lord of the Rings Wordle. Lordle of The Rings is the name of this Wordle game. Here you can guess five-letter words from the Lord of the Rings fantasy world. The Lordle of the Rings is available at digitaltolkien.github.io/vue-wordle/.

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